Medical students / visitors

We have taken medical students from all over the world. There are some guidelines and limitations.

A medical elective at Rumginae is a very good opportunity for a different kind of medical experience! It is low resource medicine. It is tropical medicine. It is also a good opportunity for any who are thinking seriously of missionary work for the future to test out the ground, and see whether this seems to be the way God is leading. There is much to learn from a mission hospital- both medically and spiritually. The students who come often find the most important things they learn are not really what they expected to learn!

We are always glad to hear of students who are interested in mission. Because we are a mission hospital, we like any elective students to be followers of the Lord Jesus. This is because they are the ones who are able to most benefit from being here, as well as being those who can best contribute to the work here. We also find it is best for the students to come in their final year and for at least 6 weeks as this will be more beneficial for both of us. We receive a lot of applications and we give priority to those interested in mission work.

The next step, if you want to proceed, is to contact a mission agency in the country where you live who will screen applicants and help us choose those who will most benefit from an elective at Rumginae. Please give the dates of your elective and ask for the application forms. If your application is cleared, they will inform us and we can proceed.

In the UK: contact UFM - email

In Australia: Pioneers 03) 8814 4444 or email via their website

In New Zealand:

In the US: Pioneers 1800 7557284 or email via their website


I hope this is helpful, we look forward to hearing from you