Visitor Information

Information for Medical Electives at Rumginae

Updated 2-16




To PNG (Port Moresby)
PNG Air fly from Cairns. They codeshare with Virgin from Brisbane
Air Niugini fly from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns to Port Moresby. They also fly in from Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo...
Qantaslink fly from Cairns
It is likely that you will need to overnight in Port Moresby. If you try to connect straight through, make sure it is the same airline / group if possible.
From Port Moresby to KIUNGA
 PNG Air (was Airlines PNG) have 1-2 flights a day on a Dash 8
 Air Niugini fly to Kiunga twice a week

To make it easier for our drivers / staff, please avoid arriving in Kiunga on the weekend.


You can book accommodation at one of the hotels close to the airport.  Gateway Hotel,

which does airport pick ups and drop off at no additional charge is the one most often used.  The hotel has a restaurant and you can pay with a credit card for your stay.  It is very expensive for what it is at around K500 per night, you can check it out on the internet for more info.  Call them directly and you should get a lower rate.


You could also contact Mapang Missionary Guest home (, it is a fraction of the cost, but you have to take a taxi there, they also take credit cards.  Contact Mapang for phone number of their current recommended taxi. Buy a SIM card at the airport. There is Digicel mobile coverage at Rumginae.


They have a currency exchange place inside the international terminal at the Port Moresby airport.  There is also an ATM machine that accepts overseas cards.  For safety, do not stand outside the front of the airport by the curb.  Stay away from crowds as people have been robbed.   It is best to wait inside until your ride is ready for you.



We use an agent in Port Moresby to help the process run smoothly.  We will put your in contact with our agent preferably 4 months ahead of your intended visit. You will email her all the forms she needs and she will submit them to Immigration for your visa. It normally takes about three weeks from the time of submission to hear if the visa is approved.  Once it has been approved, you can send your passport to your nearest PNG High Commission for the visa to be stamped.  You can refund us the visa fee during your stay.

Elective students need a student visa (occupational trainee). Doctors need an aid worker visa. For other visitors, tourist visas are available at the airport on arrival in PNG for a fee, although Australian passport holders need to get it prior to arrival. 

If you are travelling through Australia, non-citizens of Australia/New Zealand may require an Australian visa. Please check what you need.



You will be responsible for your own expenses.  The cost to be picked up from Kiunga and driven to Rumginae is K100 (45 minute drive on gravel road) unless there is already a trip for another reason.


How you decide to bring money is up to you.  Travelers cheques are not very useful.  Kiunga has international ATM machines, so you can withdraw up to K1000.00 per day with an ATM (with the “Plus” logo on back) or visa credit card with a PIN.  It doesn't seem to work for everyone. Be sure that you have international access on your bank card before you come.  This is probably the simplest and easiest thing to do. 


When you arrive you will be taken to the stores around Kiunga town and (with help) you will need to buy a large portion of the food you will need for your entire stay.  It is best to arrive in Kiunga on a weekday as the stores are open and transportation to Rumginae is more easily arranged. You will likely have some other opportunities to come to town during your stay, but be aware that they are unpredictable and time-consuming (all day). Try to get most things on that first trip.


Accommodation at Rumginae is K30 a night.  The budget for food depends on each person, but budgeting about K20 a day would more than cover for that.  If you are the kind of person that really wants to eat like the locals every day (sago, bananas, greens), you can eat for a lot less, but most choose not to do that.


We highly recommend that you spend a week out in a remote station where we have a PNG nurse and health workers working.  This is a fantastic opportunity to see medicine in the true bush.  The cost of airfares there is about K750 return which you pay when you are here.



You will most likely be staying in an unoccupied missionary house.  If you are coming at the same time as another person of the same sex, they will be sharing with you, but you will most likely have your own room.  The house will be supplied with all the basic things you will need to take care of yourself such as kitchen items and utensils, bedding, towels, pillows, and mosquito nets.  The house has a fridge and gas stove, an indoor toilet and shower and locks up securely with the keys you will be given.  The power is 240V with Australian shaped power outlets. Power usually runs 8am-12MD, then 5-10pm.




            Polio Tetanus Diptheria  - 3 months prior to departure

            Hep A ,B  first dose  -   at least 6 months before departure.

            Typhoid, oral is best for side effects   - 1 month before departure

            Japanese Encephalitis is not generally recommended for visits < 6 months
                Cholera - it has been in PNG. Consider getting this.


 MALARIA- Rumginae has Chloroquine-resistant P. falciparum malaria.

            Most students take weekly Chloroquine and daily Doxycycline.
                Chloroquine:  Start with 2 tabs each Sunday, 2 weeks before arrival in PNG.

                                    You will need to take this for 4 weeks on returning home.

                Doxycycline 100mg daily: 2 days before arrival until 2 weeks after departure.

                                    Please note, it is best not to take Doxycycline on an empty stomach                                    and if you are light-skinned, sun sensitivity could be a problem.

            There are other regimens also available including taking weekly Mefloquine or daily Malarone, both are very good, but more expensive. Malarone is probably the most effective option available.



Courtesy of MAF, Internet is available from one computer in the hospital office.  The internet is a slow broadband connection.  Your own Wifi is not available for elective students, to encourage you to connect well with real people here. You can get Digicel data connections on your own device.



The hospital has no landline phone. Rumginae gets Digicel mobile coverage. We often have a spare simple mobile and SIM that you can borrow during your stay.



Bring any regular medicines that you are on.  We have in-date HIV post exposure prophylaxis available.  It is not necessary to bring antibiotics for yourself as we have those, plus many other medicines here if you become sick.



Wide brim hat

15+ sunscreen, water resistant.

Umbrella (for rain and sun protection)


Alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Insect repellent.

Footwear:  Sandals (teva-style strap sandals for trekking and flip-flops or crocs fine for around the station)



In order to not cause offense in the national community, there is a dress code.  Please read this and return to it when getting ready as we've had some people come unprepared or less prepared than they'd like.


We suggest loose-fitting hot weather clothes (all cotton is best).  You should bring a long-sleeved shirt or light jumper for sun protection or the occasional nights when it cools off due to rain (especially mid-year). 


Men: for wards, neat-casual shorts, cotton button-up short-sleeved shirts.

One pair of lightweight long trousers for church and patrols.  Neat T-shirts are also acceptable.  Sleeveless T-shirts are okay after-hours/for games, etc.


Ladies:  Below-knee skirts or dresses are the expected dress and essential for work and church.  Please bring a cotton petticoat if any of your dresses or skirts are see-through.  Cotton is best.  Long pants (ie capri length) can be worn after-hours, but ONLY with a loose fitting (ie baggy), long (ie covering buttocks) T-shirt or shirt. Tops that have low necklines, are tight fitting or short (showing belly when you raise your hands) are not acceptable here. You can't wear swimming costumes without a pair of knee-length loose-fitting shorts over the top plus a long t-shirt.  No hair dryers or irons (the power consumption is too high for the generator to handle).



Come with an open heart and mind, expecting great things from God.  Feel free to ask any other questions by email.  We will be orienting you further when you arrive.